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Children are the building blocks of our nation's future. Let's invest in their potential today, so that they can become our scientists, politicians, sportspeople, journalists and teachers of tomorrow!

Our social activities providing security is our core business at GRA. We co-ordinate with our customers and combine our skill to customize an effective and efficient solutions.

  • Primary Education
  • Children and Youth Programmers
  • Free Medical Camp
  • Providing Foods and Cloths to Poor / Needy People
  • Shelters for needy People etc.
children school education
Education - Right To Development

A quality education not only builds knowledge, capabilities, life skills and values amongst children but also develops their creative, social and emotional abilities. It is crucial for their cognitive and personal development, including critical thinking and problem-solving.

We believe that every child should be able to go to school and complete their education without any discrimination based on gender, caste or socio-economic status.

children medical services
Health & Nutrition - Right To Survival

Proper nutrition and quality primary healthcare are essential for a child's physical, mental and cognitive development. Timely, regular and adequate intake of essential nutrition is necessary from the time of conception itself to avoid long-term and in some cases, irreversible damage to the child's health.

We believe that no child should suffer from malnutrition or poor health irrespective of their socio-economic background.

Our health and nutrition programs adopt a preventative and a responsive approach towards reducing malnourishment as well as India's infant mortality rate (IMR), child mortality rate (CMR) and maternal mortality rate (MMR).

children safety protection
Safety & Protection - Right To Protection

All children are vulnerable to neglect, violence and abuse but marginalization further compounds such vulnerability. Exposure to unsafe environments can negatively impact the physical, emotional, mental and social development of the child and the damage is often permanent.

We believe that building a safe environment for all children, till the age of 18 years, is critical to protect them from abuse and exploitation.

children gift giving
Child Participation - Right To Participation

Children have a right to be heard and their opinions considered by the adults around them. Every child should have the agency to speak out and/or act on the issues that affect them. It's not only important for their mental and emotional development but also fosters a high degree of self esteem and self belief.

We believe that all children have the potential to be agents of change and the ability to hold dialogue on the things that matter to them.

Child Educational Trust child participation programs focus on building children's collectives as peer support groups and engaging with the children to build their awareness on child rights issues.

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